Vision for the Future: Goals for the year 2021

Goals Within the Organization

  • The Consortium has expanded, incorporating other (new) organizations.
  • The Consortium is recognized internationally.
  • Activities of the Consortium are funded by state as well as international sources.
  • A system for training and motivating staff, as well as for working with volunteers has been developed.
  • Member organizations of the Consortium have stable staff comprised of both paid employees as well as volunteers.
  • Member organizations have developed a technical potential (i.e. they have access to technological resources, facilities, etc.).
  • Work is conducted in two languages — both Estonian as well as Russian — which are equally important for the communities.

Goals Outside the Organization

  • The quality of life of people in the key communities affected by HIV in Estonia has improved.
  • The level of discrimination against vulnerable groups has decreased.
  • Services in the country are organized in accordance with the needs of the representatives of the affected communities.
  • The state recognizes the role of communities and relies on data received from them.
  • In the country, sustainable financing of services for the communities has been secured.
  • Health care professionals are friendly with their clients and aware of their needs.
  • Communities assess the quality of services.
  • Communities and the state cooperate in conducting research among key affected populations.
  • Communities have the potential to participate in advocacy and defend their rights at the state level.
  • The mainstream media is involved in promotion of the ideas of the Consortium.
  • A platform has been established in Estonia to facilitate a permanent dialogue between the communities affected by HIV and the state. NGOs are included in coordinating and advisory bodies.






Our contacts

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